Kyssande vind - EyMy's engelska sångvariant

Japp, vi arbetar med lyrik i skolan på svenskan. Men så fick jag för mig att jag skulle översätta den och sätta musik till. Musiken är inte där än men texten är färdig :)

He came like a wind
What cares a wind about what it can't do
He kissed your cheek
He kissed the blood to your skin, and the rest of you to
It should have stopped taking
You were someone else, but borrowed without sain
A time with the oxygen this evening
and this month of the golden rain

He kissed your ear, your hair
What attaches a wind if he gets? If he just make you fall
In the eyes he kissed you blind, because he doesn't care
You would, of course, not at all
Beginning to answer his trainer, his wish for you to remain
But soon lay your arm on his neck
in the month of the golden rain

From your mouth he kissed
the last of the resistance that existed
Your mouth is silent just as he wish
with half-open lips to his
There will be a wind that blows
and your whole world collapse with pain
For a wind of oxygen in the spring that shows
the bunches, oh the bunches, of the golden rain

Skrivet av: Linda

Fin text gumman <3

2010-02-23 @ 08:03:06

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